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Art Writing

Art Spiel Fine Arts Online Publication, Art Reviews and Interviews.

Kolaj Magazine #26, Immersive Materiality

Kolaj Magazine #23, Unbound

Kolaj Magazine #22, Arts of Revival

Kolaj Magazine #21, Unintended Archeology of (un)Place

Kolaj Magazine #21, The Art of Letting Go: Elisabeth Wild

Kolaj Magazine #19, Brooklyn Collage Collective

Kolaj Magazine, #19: Brooklyn Collage Collective; Rhonda Wall’s Performance Landscape

Kolaj Magazine #18, Collage at London Frieze Art Fair, 2017

Kolaj magazine #17, Moholy-Nagy: Future Present, 2017

Anki King and John Mitchell are Lone Wolves, Together, Arts in Bushwick, July 2016

Arboreal Anxieties at Chashama 266 by Mary Ivy Martin, Arte Fuse, Feb 2016

Til Death Do Us Part at Lorimoto, a Marriage of Art, Arte Fuse, Jan 2016

“Life or Something Like It” at Molly Krom, Arte Fuse, Nov 2015

Artist who was under FBI Surveillance for many years shows at Bushwick's Life on Mars Gallery,  Bushwick Daily, Nov 2015

Paper-Bag Princesses and Cardboard Castles in Brooklyn: Avital Burg at Slag, Arts in Bushwick,

July 25, 2015

Conduit for Cross pollination: ESS Ef EFF presents Tread, Arts in Bushwick, July 7, 2015

Taiga and Babushki in Bushwick: The work of Dasha Bazanova, June 29 2015

Making Home in Between Homes: A@R at the Old Gem, Arts in Bushwick, March 23, 2015

Eclectic Transactions at Spring/Break (part II), Arts in Bushwick, March 14, 2015

Eclectic Transactions at Spring/Break (part I), Arts in Bushwick, March 13, 2015

Duplicate Meanings: Finding what is lost at Storefront Ten Eyck, Arts in Bushwick, Feb 2015

Gesture and Commentary: Recent Gallery Openings, Arts in Bushwick, Jan 2015

A Chance to be Seen: Blick in Bushwick at ArtHelix, Arts in Bushwick, Dec 2014

Substantial Modesty: Farrell Brickhouse Solo Show and James Prez in the Project Room, 

Arts in Bushwick Nov 2014

A Genuine Urge to Behold: 'Meltdown' by Kurt Steger, Arts in Bushwick, Nov 2014

The Playful Dialogues of Rachael Gorchov, Arts in Bushwick, Oct 2014


Diaglogue between Art and Life: Suggesion, That is the Dream, Arts in Bushwick, June 2014

A Mixtape of Art at No. 4 Studio, Arts in Bushwick, May 2014

Tilted Arc, May 2014

Arnold Mesches: Eternal Return, Arts in Bushwick, May 2014

Forms in Motion; Dancing Queen at Fresh Window, Arts in Bushwick, May 2014

In Search of Home: Arabesques at the Shirey, Arts in Bushwick, May 2014

Motherlove: Art and Music to End Preventable Deaths, May 2014

An Odd Symbiosis: Action in Non-Action, Tirtzah Bassel at Slag, Arts in Bushwick, April 2014

Middle Ass Bad Age, Sue McNally at Auxiliary Projects, Arts in Bushwick, April 2014

Individual Voices Erasing Boundaries, Arts in Bushwick, Jan 2014

Body Heat and Abstraction at Valentine, Arts in Bushwick, Dec 2013

Intimacy in Struggle: "Flame Tempered" at the Living Gallery, Nov 2013, Arts in Bushwick, Nov 2013

Bushwick Daily blog

Tha Lady in Red Converses with Diablo, Experimental Play at Arts@Renaissance Defies Real-Time Logic, Nov 2013

Bushwick Daily

"Nu Age Hustle" at Momenta Art: "Raw, Phat and Trance-inducing-Huh!" , Bushwick Daily

Repurposed Hospital Serves as Unique Art Residency and Free Studio Space, Nov 2013

Artist-Gallerist-Curator Katerina Lanfranco: Fine Lines at Rhombus Space, a Change of Perspective, Arts in Bushwick, Nov 2013

John O'Connor Artist Profile: A voice of His Own, Arts in Bushwick, Oct 2013

Chance Directions, A mail art project at Ventana 244,  Arts in Bushwick, Sep 2013

Tbilisi to Bushwick: Levan Mindiashvili's Search for Identity, Arts in Bushwick, Aug 2013

Self-Guided Gallery Tour of BOS , Arts in Bushwick and Bushwick Daily, May 2013

Julia Sinelnikova, Artist-Curator: Falling into Place, Arts in Bushwick, Aug 2013

Associated Artists-Curators Trio: Jen hitchings Theresa Daddezio Julian Jimarez-Howard Will Show You, Arts in Bushwick, July 2013

Abroad in Brooklyn: Fanny Allie-From France to Bushwick-Tracking Individual Moments in Public Spaces, Arts in Bushwick, July 2013

For Which it Stands Shows Range of International Talent in New York, The Lodge Gallery,  Arts in Bushwick, July 2013

Suite 217, Group Show Review: Linda Francis, John O'Connor, Ken Weathersby, Arts in Bushwick, July 2013

Gallery Review: The Lost Syllabary: New Works on Paper by Vitor Mejuto and Sue Havens: Recent Work at Schema Projects, Arts in Bushwick, June 2013

Maryl Meisler/Vanessa Martir: Defying Devastation: Bushwick Then and Now, Arts in Bushwick, June 2013

Reosaire Appel and Carmon Colangelo at Schema Projects, Arts in Bushwick, May 2013

Fedele Spadafora: New Paintings at Slag Gallery, Arts in Bushwick, March 2013